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Flash CS3!

2008-04-13 15:21:33 by Superbun

I have purchased a student edition of flash, and i am currently waiting for my serial number from adobe before i install it and get started on my next flash movie titled:

Earth 2050: First contact

this is a the first of a possible series about the invasion of earth by aliens in the not-to-distant future.

this is all for now, a more in depth synopsis coming when work on the movie commences

as usual post any suggestions/comments here:

p.s. please be considerate I am a person to

p.s.s. EDIT: I know I changed the title from last time, but i think this title works better.

p.s.s.s. EDIT 2: OMG 2 Edits! I have my serial number, but my CD drive is broken! I should get a new one, and install flash within the week (I hope)

p.s.s.s.s. EDIT 3: this is getting ridiculous now, 3 edits! anyway, I now have my CD drive, i should be installed by either tomorrow or Friday, I will definitely Have flash installed by Monday, ill see you then with more details on Earth 2050: First contact


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2008-04-13 15:45:44

Good luck.

Superbun responds:

for what exatly do i need luck for?