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Earth 2050: First contact!

2008-05-16 14:22:28 by Superbun

I have finally started work on my new movie Earth 2050: First contact, here is a more in-depth synopsis:

This is a movie showing a war between 2 opposing factions, the earth army, and the alien army, the movie starts out with the arrival of the main alien fleet which is engaged by the earth fleet, unfortunately a small scout party gets to earth, which is discovered by a squad of soldiers...

for all you who have been sticking with me here is a sneak peak of some of the graphics:

P.S. as usual any comments/suggestions here, also feel free to speculate about what the pictures are or in general about the movie

P.P.S. EDIT: I am now in the final stages of testing before I upload this, I should ave it up in about 30mins

Earth 2050: First contact!


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2008-05-20 15:46:22

The drawings are a little tacky if you ask me

Superbun responds:

Those immages arnt actual size they will be smaller, so you wont notice it so much


2008-05-20 16:01:25

Welcome to NG, SuperBun! I'd just like to give you some simple advice about flash submissions here at Newgrounds. I just think that you need to redo the graphics, and not use guns from other downloads, try making your own, it'll fit much better with your style. I hope your first flash does well, cya around!


2008-05-20 16:02:20

Whoops! I meant to say this flash, not your first. Hehe.


2008-05-21 12:10:59

I am at the moment considering wether or not to submit this at the stage I am at now, I have apoximatly a miniuite and a half of animation, I have reached waht could be a suitible end, point, but i dont know what to do, any ideas?