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New movie in the works

2008-10-26 13:02:39 by Superbun

I will over the next week be producing a flash movie called: "Invasion Prelude: Chapter 1"

This will be a movie in the style of a top-down shooter, The story goes as so:

It Is the year 3000 the human empire has colnised the solar system and is spreading itself throughout the galaxy, On a routine patrol a ship is attacked by an unkown ship. after a long battle the human ship manages to esape and hooks up with a larger force and engages the enemy, after the enemy is defeated they return to base to discover a larger force is already on its way.

p.s. I need voice acting, Anyone intrested?

p.p.s. I may still complete the movie I mensioned in the last post

New movie in the works


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2008-10-26 13:07:40

You live in Newport in Wales? Ha, I live roughly 30 minutes away from you!

Superbun responds:

nice! but that has nothing to do with the above news post (please try to stay on topic)

p.s. interested in voice acting?


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